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Forum Policies & Announcements / Important Information for Hotmail Users
« Last post by Bobwhite on March 02, 2017, 08:07:15 pm »

Hi there. I'm Joe, your unfriendly curmudgeonly Admin. How's it going? Wait: don't answer that; this isn't a two-way conversation.

Thanks to the frustrations of a few of our members, we have figured out that Hotmail is zapping all of our emails in order to prevent Hotmail users from becoming infected with computer macro virus Trojan horse rootkit worms.

By "our emails," I am speaking of any email sent by the SMF software: personal message and other alerts, password reset links, account activation links, etc. Because the From address (which is my email address) doesn't match the rest of the header, the email looks fishy, and while providers like Gmail are content to dump the email in the Trash or Junk or Spam folders, Hotmail goes that extra mile. For you.

So... for people who want to join but are on Hotmail: until we get this fixed, which we are trying to do, you might want to sign up using a Gmail account. Current members who have Hotmail: we figured out why you haven't been getting emails, and we're working on it, but again, if you really need emails, switch to a provider who isn't Hotmail.

Thanks, folks.
The rise of services like KDP and Patreon have been great for the community; they've allowed people for whom writing erotic fiction was just a hobby to turn it into, at least, a paying hobby. As these services have become more popular, and more authors are starting to self-publish (and thus self-market), it's time to expand and clarify our rules about what kind of solicitation goes where.

First, it's always fine to link to your self-published titles, website, or Patreon account from your signature line, so long as it is not overwhelming your posts (the administration here reserves the right to ask that overwhelming or garish signatures be edited, shrunk, or removed, just as we've always done with avatars).

On Advertising in the Forum...

With the exception noted below, we ask that you do not directly solicit donations or market in the body of posts. This includes links to your website or Patreon account, requests for donations, or other solicitations to selling sites.

This doesn't apply to the Products and Services Board.

It's fine to market to your heart's content on the Products and Services board, subject to the rules there. Keep it within reason, though, as our users are just as subject to feeling annoyed by spam as anyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask (in the Feedback thread, that is). Unless that question is "Is this because of ____'s post that one time?", because don't.
Forum Policies & Announcements / Re: The Suspension and Banishment List
« Last post by Bobwhite on May 13, 2015, 08:25:12 pm »
Name:   Reason:    Banned:    Expires:
  hypno14   Coming back from banishment worst than when he left.   5/13/15    Infinity () Days 

Well, we gave Hypno14 a nice, long break. Some time away often clears the mind. Settles the nerves. Airs out the stinkables. You know what I mean? After 17 days, you either don't come back, or you come back calmer, wiser, and most importantly, not-pissing-people-off-ier.

(For those keeping score, cursing at people, especially Admins, en espaņol, pisses people off. Like, a lot.)

And so, with the permanent banishment of Hypno14, let's bid adieu to both Hypno14, and maybe, just maybe, Grumpy Admin Bobwhite. I don't like being grumpy about MCForum business. Honest.

Now... back to your friendly, neighborhood MCForum.
Forum Policies & Announcements / Re: The Suspension and Banishment List
« Last post by Bobwhite on April 26, 2015, 12:15:08 am »
Name:   Reason:    Banned:    Expires:
  hypno14   Being a foreign-language asshat.   4/26/2015    Seventeen (17) Days 

Some notable citizens have asked what I mean by "being a foreign-language asshat." And that's a fair question.

The aforementioned member inexplicably began insulting people, and indeed the MCF at large. The technical term for this is asshattery, and asshattery is an act performed by an asshat. Because these insults were in the allegedly non-English languages of Spanish and German, I qualified asshat with the descriptor foreign-language, which I had to hyphenate because I was using two words as a single adjective.

As for why it's 17 days... I'm sorry. If I told you that, I'd be letting the cat out of the bag.

And if there's one thing I love, it's bags full of cats.
Forum Policies & Announcements / Re: The Suspension and Banishment List
« Last post by Chase the Wind on January 12, 2015, 08:17:17 pm »
Name:   Reason:    Banned:    Expires:
  Ed the King   Posting political comments in a thread after being directly warned not to.   1/12/2015    Three (3) Days 
Forum Policies & Announcements / Re: MCForum General Information & Rules
« Last post by Bobwhite on June 19, 2014, 07:40:20 pm »
All new members are encouraged to read the above rules.
Forum Policies & Announcements / Re: The Suspension and Banishment List
« Last post by Bobwhite on June 09, 2014, 01:52:53 pm »
Name:   Reason:    Banned:    Expires:
  omega4    Posting personal insults.    6/9/2014    Five (5) Days 

We've banned omega4 because of insults he hurled at the author of a story he didn't like, and the suggestion that some of us here at the MCF are "sickos." The ban will last for 5 days. I doubt I really need to say this, but just in case: no commentary aimed at him or his posts is necessary during this banishment. Let's all let this cool down.
Forum Policies & Announcements / MCForum Frequently Asked Questions
« Last post by Bobwhite on December 27, 2013, 05:21:59 pm »
MCForum Frequently Asked Questions

I'll keep updating this as more and more questions keep coming up. But, let's start with the ones that come to mind. If you're having problems with the forum and you're a new member, then check here first.

Question:  Why can’t I post a new topic/start a new thread?
Answer:  Because you don’t have 3 posts, that’s why. As an anti-spam measure, we don’t allow new topics to be posted by members with fewer than 3 posts. Most spammers don’t stick around long enough to make 3 posts before staring a spam thread, so this works very well. Note: this limit doesn’t apply to the MC Writing board, because one thing we want to allow for is people who are searching for a story or seeking feedback on something they've written and don’t want to make 3 posts before asking anyone if they know which one they’re talking about.

Question:  What’s with these verification questions every time I try to post a reply in a thread or send a Personal Message? Do I have to do this every time?
Answer:  Until you have 5 posts, you will have to answer the CAPTCHA and the questions every time you post or try to send a personal message. We know it’s annoying, but this setup, along with stopping new members from starting new threads until they have 3 posts, has by and large eliminated the spam issues we used to face on a daily basis.

Question:  I’m getting errors (“An error occurred!”) when I try to register to the MCForum, or it tells me I’m a spammer, but I’m not! Oh, by the way, I use an anonymous proxy system like TOR because I’m concerned about privacy.
Answer:  Well, unfortunately, these problems are usually on your end, not ours. Nearly everyone who has emailed me with this problem has indicated that they use TOR, and even though they always (without fail) swear that they are 100% sure that they are not being routed through any naughty, spammy servers, it’s really only them that ever have this problem. (Other than actual spammers, of course.) It boils down to this: spammers are very sneaky, and TOR users are also trying to be sneaky, even though their motives aren’t usually malicious. But, sneaky is sneaky, at least as far as the forum’s software is concerned. If you enter a bank dressed in black with a black ski mask on while holding a gun in one hand and a large sack with a big dollar sign on it in the other hand, don’t be surprised if you get treated like a bank robber, even if you’re really on your way to a costume party and only stopped to make a deposit. That said, feel free to email me if you're having problems, because we do have a ban list that could be causing problems. My email is emc dot bobwhite at Gmail dot com.

  -  -
Forum Policies & Announcements / Re: Welcome to the MCForum, version 2.0.4!
« Last post by Bobwhite on April 07, 2013, 11:31:33 am »
I'm locking this thread, since it's really just meant to be an announcement. But, I still want to hear from everybody, so...

To provide feedback on the new setup, please go to the feedback thread.

To report a possible bug or other problem, go to the Report-A-Problem thread.
Forum Policies & Announcements / Re: Welcome to the MCForum, version 2.0.4!
« Last post by BB Zed on April 06, 2013, 11:00:59 pm »
One of the things which may not have transferred over correctly is your time zone; mine didn't.

To correct this, go to your Profile. From there, go to Account Settings, then Look and Layout.

Next to Time Offset, click on Auto-Detect (or type it in manually).

Then hit Change Profile to save the setting, and you should be good. 8-)
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