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Searching for a Video / Re: Jenna Loves Diamonds
« Last post by TheNightSpirit on April 26, 2022, 07:08:18 pm »
Searching for a Video / Jenna Loves Diamonds
« Last post by blankserena on April 25, 2022, 09:31:28 am »
Where can I find this?
I can't even find it on ebay anymore on DVD.
Any clues, hints, leads, guide dogs, carrier pigeons, etc.?

Searching for a Video / Re: Looking for hypnosis comedy sketch
« Last post by twttwt on April 20, 2022, 05:05:15 pm »
I know Iíve seen this sketch but I canít find it either. Would love to. Anyone have any leads?
Searching for a Video / Looking for "doing hypnosis on my cousin"
« Last post by momtrancer on April 20, 2022, 02:39:25 pm »
I believe it was uploaded to youtube a few years ago, a young amatuer hypnotist trances her cousin. Lots of eye rolls. Hmu if you have it or would possibly like to trade!
Searching for a Video / Re: Old Hypnovideo model clip
« Last post by Schoonergonda on April 16, 2022, 09:31:10 pm »
That's indeed the one! And thanks for the name edit; I certainly wouldn't want to get anyone into complications for their past work.
You're welcome - apparently doctors, insomnia, and mind control all synergize and make it hard to pick them out of the crowd. I'd never heard of Pasture so thanks for that (I'll watch it if it ever pops up on a streaming service I'm on).

My favorite thing about the Holly Kane movie was how they tricked her into their web. She held all the cards and was on the cusp of revolutionizing anesthesia (at least)... but then along came a spider!
Yes! That was the movie.  I was watching Pasture (2020)and it looked similar to me but I couldn't remember what movie it was just vaguely details. Both movies about the subconscious and experiments being done on it. Couldn't remember but been a few years good to know I remember the year range. Yep. I was thinking insomnia? then I thought mental issues something about the her general psyche. Something about experiment is all i remember.  Thanks GrimTidings!
Taking another stab at it: The Holly Kane Experiment? This one I did watch when it was on Amazon Prime and it's not insomnia she's suffering from but fear of being as insane as her sister.
Just watched the trailer but not the right movie. I believe it was just one female.  The characters are about similar but just One female protagonist. A thriller genre movie.  .  Experimental treatment for mental issues (or Insomnia) involving hypnosis/Brainwashing by a old doctor.  Think the movie was somewhere between 2015-2019 (don't quote me on this but somewhere in the 2000s at least).  Looking through but so far nothing yet. 

It's not Pasture (2020). 
Is it Stalked by my Doctor: Sleepwalker's Nightmare?

The two females in the trailer look very similar (they're sisters). I haven't seen it, though, just this trailer.
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