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Searching for a Video / Galtar and the Golden Lance
« Last post by skyliner on June 27, 2021, 09:05:21 am »

a while ago I watched the Cartoon "Galtar and the Golden Lance" on YouTube and found the episode "Love of Evil" with some lovespell/mindcontrol. But it seems to be vanished by now. Anybody knows where I can find it?
Searching for a Video / Re: Searching for the name from this clip
« Last post by TheNightSpirit on June 24, 2021, 01:51:51 am »

It's part of this series.  The clip I first saw on Mind Control Fun.

Female Teacher Nightmare Trap 6 Ria Yoshikawa
She is truly lovely.  If you haven’t seen it, there is a “continental” (i.e. more racy) cut of the film.  Ms Roman stays clothed, but another stage subject, a cute female, is commanded to make a topless striptease for the audience.  There was a dvd release with both versions.
The British 60’s movie “Devil Doll”. With the gorgeous Yvette Romain.

My gosh, she really is. I'd head of "Devil Doll" as a movie with great hypnosis scenes, so I was happy to find a copy back in the early 1990s. But I'd never seen any stills from it, and when I watched it I could not believe that the hypnotized heroine was going to be someone as stunning as her! The world needs lots more footage of dark-haired beauties going into obedient trances, is all I can say.
Searching for a Video / Snap!
« Last post by hypcurious on June 21, 2021, 05:37:12 pm »
Hey- does anyone have the video from the disney show Snap! Think it was with Ricky Kalmon
Yep! That's the one I was thinking of.
Trying to find one of my old favorites on YouTube. I don't remember what language the video was in (French?), but it wasn't English. It's a still shot video of a guy hypnotizing his girlfriend I think, on a couch in a living room, and the kitchen behind them. The woman is fairly young, brunette, and is wearing a short blue dress. I'm pretty sure there's a suggestion for her to become a superhero, but the one suggestion I for sure remember is the guy has her stand up and walk to the kitchen, and then we she gets over there she forgets why she went there.

Don't know if that's enough of a description for anyone to know what I'm talking about, but I'm hoping that video still exists somewhere!
Buford's Beach Bunnies (I'm not sure if the woman on stage is credited)
Creature of Destruction, with Pat Delaney
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, with Helen Hunt
The Hypnotic Eye, with Merry Anders and Marcia Henderson
Scooby Doo: Pirates Ahoy! (animated, and a bit of a twist in that Shaggy & Scooby are the ones onstage- they end up being the only two people in the room who don't get hypnotized)
The She-Creature, with Maria English
The Wizard of Gore (and the 2007 remake)

TV episodes:
Beverly Hills, 90210, with Jennie Garth
Famous Five: On the Case (animated)
Gotham, with Erin Riichards, Olivia Cygan, and Ann Marie Too
Grease Monkeys, with Stephanie Harrow
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, with Nancy Ann Sakovich
Love Boat: The Next Wave, with Joan Severance
The Suite Life on Deck, with Brenda Song and Emily Morris
The British 60’s movie “Devil Doll”. With the gorgeous Yvette Romain.
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