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Searching for a Video / Re: Entrancement Video - Girl 2 Girl Two - Jocelyn & Sasha
« Last post by JoeRules on January 13, 2021, 09:06:29 am »
I do recall that from shortly after the website shut down, and I would absolutely be on-board to buy it directly, but I can only imagine that ship has sailed. It was 10+ years ago, after all.

If anyone can confirm/deny that it's still possible to buy directly from the owner, that would be super helpful information!
Searching for a Video / Re: Entrancement Video - Girl 2 Girl Two - Jocelyn & Sasha
« Last post by hypnozyz on January 13, 2021, 08:45:14 am »
Wasn't he still selling DVD-Rs of older Entrancement Video titles via mail order if you privately emailed him directly? Although that opportunity may have come and gone.

With thanks to @theeye368 (who maintains the "Sensitive Content" flagged tumblr --- thus requiring tumblr login -- tumblr at and intrinsically NSFW bdsmlr --- requiring bdsmlr login ---, I can report that the animated GIFs come from this YouTube:

"Patricia Bosse y Nyzeth Hipnotizadas - Gafas mágicas, Thalia y catalepsia" [see endnotes]
(Patrica Bosse and Nyzeth Hypnotized - Magic Glasses, Thalia, and Catalepsy)

which, by the way, is on the Youtube account of @acllcab -- -- who over the course of roughly 2007-2020 has posted about 45 classic Spanish-language hypno clips... heck, are you a member here @acllcab (though seemingly that'd have to be under a different username if I'm using the Forum's search feature correctly)


1) John Milton is indeed the hypnotist.  The caption for the YouTube mentions "el programa "Control" por John Milton" (i.e., "the [presumably television] program "Control" by John Milton").   Does anyone know anything about such a late 90's or early 00's TV program of his?  I ask since I can't find anything quickly Googling.

2) Patricia Bosse is the first lady to be induced (i.e., the one in what looks to be some Army camouflage-like pattern t-shirt and the who does the hypno-catalepsy trick)

3) Nyzeth is the second lady to be induced (i.e., the one in the blue dress), and is the one given the suggestion to think she's Thalia, which brings me to the next item.

4) Thalía is this Mexican pop star  (again, the video's from the late 1990s or something, in case you're wondering because of actually being up on Mexican pop music of the 90's or just after clicking the Wikipedia link why John Milton would hypnotize a 20-something lady into believing she's a pop star who's about to turn 50... on that note Thalía, if by some strange coincidence you're reading this... Happy 7ish-Months-Early 50th Birthday!!  May 2021 get better for you and your loved ones, and heck, the whole freakin' world ;) ).

Kinda vague, but there's a small excerpt of a larger video that has been cropped and watermarked by somebody here. It's an F/F clip where the hypnotist makes reference to how she's going to hold her wrists/hands together, and the longer she does the more she'll want it to happen, and the more dedicated she will feel to the person doing it to her.

I've trawled through clips4sale and the sites of places I suspected it might be from (Kismet etc) and can't find reference to it.

The hypnotist in the video seems to be the performer Ela Darling, who through some digging I discovered also went under the name "Madame Zoey" for a while doing hypno stuff. Unfortunately, despite quite a lot of searching I can't find reference to whatever that video was called. In the video itself the only part of the title that isn't cropped is just the word "Hypnotized", which as you can imagine is not helpful in narrowing this search down.

Does anybody recognize that or does the prompt sound familiar? If so, what's the title, and is it still available anywhere for sale?
Searching for a Video / Re: Vampire Vid
« Last post by Lesbyhypno on January 06, 2021, 05:24:36 pm »
I'd say they were young adults. Old enough that the show made the girl turning her friend a little bit sensual
Searching for a Video / Re: Vampire Vid
« Last post by maeryx3 on January 06, 2021, 01:19:00 pm »
Then I think I haven't seen that clip or that show. I hope someone could help.

Do you remember the ages of the girls? Kids? Teenagers? Young adults?
Searching for a Video / Re: Vampire Vid
« Last post by Lesbyhypno on January 06, 2021, 01:12:46 am »
Yeah its definitely not legend of the seeker (Great show). This was a show that was in another language.
The girls were both brunette, one had her hair up. Both slim
 And good looking.
Searching for a Video / Re: Vampire Vid
« Last post by maeryx3 on January 05, 2021, 11:57:22 pm »
Sorry, it doesn't ring a bell for me. What did the girls look like? Brunette, blonde, etc? Who are the "heroes"?

Your description sounds like the Episode of The Legend of the Seeker where Briget Reagan is confessed and the party of heroes have to run away.
But the show is American and no vampires (Morth Siths wear leather catsuits that are very vampy though), maybe you watched a dubbed version?
Searching for a Video / Vampire Vid
« Last post by Lesbyhypno on January 05, 2021, 06:48:16 pm »
There was a great video I saw a while back that I'm struggling to find. I believe it was from a French show (but might be other European country), as part of a series. The show wasn't vampire related but one episode was.
In it, a girl is turned and the 'heroes' try to escape. When they look back the vampire girl has turned her female friend and they both come after the heroes.
It's obscure I know, but it was a great video.
Any help?
Searching for a Video / Entrancement Video - Girl 2 Girl Two - Jocelyn & Sasha
« Last post by JoeRules on January 05, 2021, 03:45:38 pm »
Wouldn't you know it that I've been debating lately about posting to try to track down this video, and now that we have a Searching for a Video section, I figured that's gotta be some sort of sign.

I'm hoping to track down this video from the late Entrancement Video - not I never got a chance to buy it before the company closed their doors, and while I've seen some of their videos floating around out there, I've never come across this one. I'd be happy to purchase this if the company owner is still around somewhere, or if someone has a physical copy of this to sell.
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