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One women I remember. Just the female protagonist. 
Did it involve two women being MC’ed?

I'm looking for a movie I was watching a while ago. The main characters are white.  I forgot the plot but I vaguely remember It was about a women who has problem sleeping --  insomnia or some mental issue i believe. She meets this old doctor (at a Cafe?) who uses these therapy/experimental hypnosis session on her (or was it a software listening cd she used on her laptop?).  He manipulates her mind. I remember a scene where they go to the opera or dinner, they were in a car/limo.  The old doctor/hypnotist likes her and I believe there was a sex scene? Sorry for being so vague but It was a while ago. Thank you in advance! Sorry for being all over the place. 
It’s from the horror anthology movie “Southbound”.
It’s free on Tubi, or if you’re a Shudder or Hulu subscriber.

It’s from the horror anthology movie “Southbound”.
It’s free on Tubi, or if you’re a Shudder or Hulu subscriber.
Hey everyone,

I am looking for help finding the movie or show that is on this clip. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask or not.

Thanks in advance
Searching for a Video / Re: Old Hypnovideo model clip
« Last post by rqeuk on April 08, 2022, 11:00:44 pm »
This video, Schoonergonda?

Here's a visual aid (a grid of 24 "screenshot thumbnails" taken roughly every 2 minutes of the video)

  [NOTE #1: NSFW!  Full frontal nudity, albeit of the type generally associated with ye olde that I'd argue is of the "tasteful" Playboy variety than any more raunchy stuff. ]

  [NOTE #2: I manually (read: quickly and messily) censored the face of the hypnotist.  Old-timers familiar with ye olde know this hypnotist as "The Maestro [Who Shan't Be Further Named Because His Day Job Was Non-Sexy Hypnosis]."  (Has he changed his policy on that?  Until I reliably hear otherwise, I'll assume he hasn't.)  ]

  [NOTE #3:  On that note of NOTE #2, Schoonergonda, I don't want to be the scolding Public-Service-Announcement guy, but...

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTUnless it's generally known beyond all reasonable doubt that an actress is fine with her real, full name being associated with her explicitly hypnokink work, don't mention any name that's plausibly is her real name or close to it.   AND NOTE!  This injunction holds even if you know for a fact she's done other genres of adult entertainment under her real name, and even if the hypnokink work is arguably less "hardcore" than that other stuff.   Hypnokink --- due to the fact many people (including major credit card and payment providers) wrongly view it as presumptively nonconsensual in its *production* not just in its genre tropes --- is more taboo than most adult entertainment genres.  Granted, that's not the whole reason for the naming injunction.   There's a large dollop of "damnit, the teensy-weensy fraction of us kink enthusiasts who are scary cyberstalkers are why we can't have nice things like discussing adult actresses we like as if they're, you know, actresses doing legitimate work, rather than "women-of-ill-repute" who must labor under stage names due to accumulated millennia of sexual taboo, not to mention the amorphous, ever-present danger of undue attention from the small fraction of us who will act-skeevily-to-downright-dangerously!"  Alas, that's the fallen world we live in. :'( ]
Searching for a Video / Old Hypnovideo model clip
« Last post by Schoonergonda on April 08, 2022, 05:05:16 pm »
I'm looking for one of the old Hypnovideo series, a one-time-only shoot with a model listed as "Rene" or "Renee". I believe she did a few other clips online under what is probably her actual name, which I remember was Iranian (last name [see note below; the moderators support this] or something like that). She had very short hair in this one, large hoop earrings, and an impressive figure. I particularly remember some great facial expressions while watching a spinning crystal during parts of the clip, but I can't seem to locate it now. Anyone know where this might be found, or under what name?
Searching for a Video / Re: Old hypno lord video possibly?
« Last post by drothenight21 on March 28, 2022, 07:55:54 am »
This is totally it! Thank you so much. I was way off on the producer and title, but this is it. You rock. This even has the brain drain one. I very much appreciate you.
Searching for a Video / Re: Old hypno lord video possibly?
« Last post by HypnoFan17 on March 27, 2022, 10:44:16 pm »
I hope this is the right video! I tried searching any little memory I could find in my head and then gave up, randomly clicked on a playlist and there it was, hopefully it's the right one!
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