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2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 21st 2019
« Last post by BethanyP on September 21, 2019, 02:02:57 pm »
Wow, so many stories this week!  And starting at the top, hurray for more Algorithm, thank you for the special bonus installment Carefully Random!  As always, Algorithm doesn't disappoint, very hot and a wonderful story too.  And as always I completely failed to correctly guess the next plot twist, but I'm not going to stop trying!
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 7th, 2019
« Last post by connie k on September 21, 2019, 01:55:21 pm »
Yes, Bob, I got it and replied.

Thank you again!
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 21st 2019
« Last post by MetaBob on September 21, 2019, 01:50:18 pm »
"Paperback," meh. Anyone can write one of those. ANYONE!

Simon has already fixed the piece's title, but left it at the beginning of each chapter. I sent him a note about that, too.

Whoever posted the link to the story on this forum will have to change it unless they want it to be a dead link.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 21st 2019
« Last post by Chrystal Wynd on September 21, 2019, 01:45:57 pm »
Simon goofed the title of my piece ... it's "Packback" rather than "Paperback". I sent him a note and hopefully that'll be corrected soon.

I find the title “Paperback” to have more literary merit. Simon was unintentionally brilliant. BRILLIANT!
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 21st 2019
« Last post by MetaBob on September 21, 2019, 01:41:29 pm »
Simon goofed the title of my piece ... it's "Packback" rather than "Paperback". I sent him a note and hopefully that'll be corrected soon.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 21st 2019
« Last post by 321 on September 21, 2019, 12:35:05 pm »
Wow! You guys have been BUSY!  :o
2019 Update Archive / New Releases-September 21st 2019
« Last post by Majorwrll on September 21, 2019, 12:02:08 pm »
(NOTE: You can QUOTE this posting, and then copy each set of <Title, Link, Tags, Colors and Description> in one chunk, for use in your review postings here)

You can now download the BBCode version of the What’s New page at

Algorithm (mc ff mf fd md) (1 new chapter)  by Carefully Random
Tiffany’s friends discover the mind blanking capabilities of an audio visual sensory input algorithm.  It isn’t long before they want to know how powerful the algorithm can be, but they will need test subjects: willing or otherwise…

The Armageddon Archives (mc mf ff md fd) (new)  by mr. potestas
Life in California is different now that the Apocalypse has happened, and the Realm is now ruled by the demon Asmodeus.

Ashley (mc ma) (1 new chapter)  by Blue Collar Girl
Ashley discovers a pile of goo in her home.

Blizzard (mc mf ff) (1 new chapter)  by Redsliver
When Gene treats a strange visitor to better hospitality than she thinks she’s worth, she overcompensates him with three beautiful co-ed princesses. Auditors have been notified of the discrepancy.

The Bovide Bus (mc mf md gr la) (new)  by Screw-Ball_Rancher
A high school girls’ volleyball team and cheerleader squad are sent to a long summer training camp, but the bus ride there is long, and the whole trip is lame anyway!  Good thing the bus is nice, and they can relax on it.  Of course, they have to get through the annoying information video they’re required to watch first!

Confused (mc mf fd) (new)  by Robert Towers
Mrs. Bissot wakes up without remembering anything about her past and her current life is definitely weird.

Corruption Games (mc mf fd) (1 new chapter)  by S. B.
Alexandra Ryder—a.k.a. Agent 47-D—is back and this time it’s personal.

Editing Reality Book Three: Naughty Fantasies Unleashed (mc mf gr in) (2 new chapters)  by mypenname3000
Steve gets a phone app that lets him edit other people.

Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Dilemma (mc mm ds hm ft sf) (new)  by Nicky Noxville
Three buddies sign up for a medical trial that is offering a full scholarship as a reward. What could go wrong?

Flame & Frost (mc ff) (new)  by Meleva
Once more: two mages, a pyromancer and a glaciomancer, face off for a duel in the woods just beyond their college grounds. This time it’s Selyana who’s tired of losing—even if she doesn’t have much of a plan to defeat her partner with.

Frank & Jessy — Collar Play (mc mf md fd bd ft sf) (1 new chapter)  by schizo
Jessy purchases some illegal tech for her and Frank to play with.

Ghost Boy (mc mf ff md fd in la hm) (1 new chapter)  by MindSpark
Kyle has the ability to leave his body and become an invisible, ghost-like apparition. When he’s in this ‘ghost form’, he can influence the minds of anyone he touches. But, as he soon discovers, there’s far more to his power than just that.

The Girls of S.L.E.E.P. — N.C.U. (mc ff) (1 new chapter)  by Sleepy Hypno
Rayne, Trisha, Laura, and Eve get set up for the first meeting of the hypnosis sorority, Sigma Lambda Epsilon Epsilon Pi.

Hostel (mc ff mf fd md) (1 new chapter)  by 321
Rebecca’s trip to Berlin takes an interesting turn.

How I Got Here (mc mf ff md) (new)  by The Scrivener’s Paradox
A man describes how he suddenly became very successful with women, and how it affected his life and the world.

I Hate My Master (mc mm) (2 new chapters)  by maxrpotter
Mark moves in with a new roommate, and finds himself getting annoyed by a few small things about him, like when he leaves dishes in the sink, or when he leaves his clothes around the place, or when he gives Mark orders that he is unable to disobey.

Kidnapping by Tentacle (mc ff sf) (new)  by Skaetlett
Courtney, a high ranking space soldier, finds herself in an unfortunate situation at the hands of some tentacled aliens who secrete a special fluid.

Lady of the House (mc mf md in) (new)  by Chrysostomon
Prescott obtains a special collar for his wife after he discovers she’s been cheating on him.

Magical Girl Syn (mc mf ff md gr) (1 new chapter)  by Jennifer Kohl
Cynthia’s magical powers are unlocked at the age of eighteen, but along with them comes a terrible curse. Wait a minute—is it really so terrible?

Massaged By My Nerdy Brother (mc mf md in) (1 new chapter)  by BurroGirl18 and Pan
A few innocent massages with her brother go too far.

Master of the Mind (mc mf md gr) (2 new chapters)  by InLeaves
A plane crash survivor realizes that he has psychic powers.

Naked in Front of the Computer (mc mf md ma) (new)  by Jukebox
Niusha is convinced that she’s not going to spend yet another night masturbating to the Guiding Dark’s hypnotic website. She’s very very wrong.

Nu Thought (mc ff bd ds) (new)  by Doctor D.
Dell joined Nu Zeta because it would look good on her resume but something odd is happening and now she isn’t so sure.

Office Space 2 — Space Harder (mc mf fd) (new)  by Chrystal Wynd
Lady Kanja arrives searching for her sister Lady Gaja. Chaos ensues.

On the Cards (mc mf ff md in) (new)  by Chrysostomon
Two sisters on the beach run into a magician.

Packback (mc mf ff fd in ft bd) (new)  by MɛtaBob
A man finds lust, love, and renewal on the Pacific Crest Trail.

A Priest in Her Service (mc mf ff md fd) (2 new chapters)  by The Scrivener’s Paradox
Derek’s ordinary life is turned upside down when he finds himself made into a priest of an unusual religion. The job does come with a few perks, however.

Principal of Revenge (mc mf md) (new)  by Alyce Moore
Devon uses his knowlege of herbology and natural medicine to concoct an elaborate revenge on his high school.

Rare Books (mc mf md) (new)  by 321
Tessa’s research project is revealing in more ways than one.

Refashioned (mc ff ft) (new)  by zorkmeister
Annabel gets far more than she bargained for when she goes online shopping.

Remainders (mc ff sf) (1 new chapter)  by the hungry ghost
Women find themselves trapped by a weird and mysterious force that seems to control their minds and bodies by putting them together in positions and groupings ideal for storage.

Room With a Secret (mc mf md) (1 new chapter)  by Maximilian Cummings
Young ladies don’t know or can’t remember a room that makes their minds so open to suggestion.

Savannah’s Hypnotic Socks (mc ff ft) (new)  by Fibaro
A co-ed gets a pair of hypnotic socks that she uses on her roommate.

Seeing Things Through a New Lens (mc ff) (new)  by Dr. HypnoD
Sam hates going to the eye doctor. But thanks to her appointment with Dr. Vale, she’s seeing things, and people, differently.

Sensual Makeover (mc mf md) (1 new chapter)  by Douglas Meurs
Bill and Min are a happily-married couple. Bill suggests a hypnotic Sensual Makeover for Min, and Min tries it...

The Silken: Family Counseling (mc mf mm ma in ft) (new)  by Templeton Rose
A rogue psychiatrist mends a mother-son relationship by turning both into incestuous, pantyhose sex slaves.

Simplify Your Life — Trading Up (mc mf ff md fd ma in bd ds ex hm gr ft) (new)  by Raptor4d4
Gold-digger Sharon Holmen has finally decided to trade up and ditch her wimpy husband and deadbeat daughter on the even of her husband’s latest job interview. But four years later...who was the one really trading up?

Sovereign (mc ff) (1 new chapter)  by InLeaves
Giulietta is the heiress of the wealthiest family in Florence. Though still a commoner, she wants uppity princess Alessa out of her town. Alessa has other ideas. Brainwashing ideas.

The Spiral Boy (mc mf ff md fd) (new)  by connie k
An unscrupulous hypnotist recounts his fateful meeting with a new subject, and how his plans spiral out of control.

Split Slave (mc ff ma bd ds hm) (1 new chapter)  by Skaetlett
Delta, a non-binary, kidnapped sex slave with a protective alternate personality, gets auctioned off to a multimillionaire who seems to have more in store than they’re ready for. Their Mistress thinks she knows everything about them and is wrong.

Stop Watch: Genesis (mc mf ff md fd in ts) (new)  by Sidia
Mike continues to use his timestopping power on his family.

There Was Something Strange Going On At The Office (mc mf md) (1 new chapter)  by Alan Smithee
After a system update at work, Jenna starts to notice the increasingly unusual behaviour of her coworkers.

They all became Slaves and Robots for the Robomaster (mc ff md rb) (3 new chapters)  by Roboman127
A hidden power converts a man into Roboman The Robomaster.

The Ultimate Hypnotist — A Master PC Story (mc mf md gr) (new)  by The Lycanthrope
Ted’s collectable military computer has a bigger secret than he expected. Now he must take on a new identity as the ultimate hypnotist.

Whatever Gets You Through The Night (mc ma) (1 new chapter)  by T.MaskedWriter
A movie shoot in San Finzione is interrupted by a real-life murder.

Wildwood (mc mf md) (2 new chapters)  by notorioushypno
A mind control conspiracy spawns small-town hokum, entangling a group of plucky university students, some deadbeat locals, and a team of federal investigators.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 7th, 2019
« Last post by Shadra on September 20, 2019, 06:31:49 pm »
Might have actually been you that tipped me off to it xD I didn't change it until recently myself, and only cuz I saw it mentioned a week or two ago somewhere around here.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 7th, 2019
« Last post by walter_kovacs on September 20, 2019, 06:24:36 pm »
You're very welcome, connie!

By the way, I tried sending my first PM through this site yesterday, to you, about the single word in The Spiral Girl that I stumbled over. Did you receive that PM?

No worries if you disagree with my thought ... I just wanted to learn if the message was sent (and received) since it didn't appear in my Sent Items. That may be a Setting somewhere, I don't know.

Lol yep as Shadra says you have to enable messages being saved to the outbox. I got tripped up by that recently too!
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases-September 7th, 2019
« Last post by Shadra on September 20, 2019, 06:15:38 pm »
By default, messages aren't saved to your outbox. There's a setting somewhere to always save them, or you can hit the checkbox below every message you send.
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