Author Topic: 1995 Japanese Movie - マインドコントロール 絶対服従 - Mind Control Absolute Obedience  (Read 498 times)

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This is a long shot but if anyone has seen this and knows were to watch it. Here is the english transalation of the blog post:

"Ladydoll" is a movie in which a young wife is manipulated with a controller and becomes obscene, but I still remember being manipulated even after I became sane. Apart from that, there are also some works in which you don't remember being manipulated at all. Kiryu is quite fond of such works. In this V-Cinema titled "Mind Control Absolute Obedience" (M's 1995 work), a mysterious secret organization turns celebrities into hypnotic prostitution slaves called "Sleeping Dolls".

An expressionless young woman in bed in a hotel room in the early afternoon. In the same room is a middle-aged politician. She is pushed down and her clothes are violently stripped off, but the woman's appearance does not change. She is a woman whose soul has fallen out even if she is forcibly caressed. She remains unresponsive, but her body accepts the man (after this, the woman comes to her senses and runs away).

In a room in the ruins, a woman in bondage who plays with a man. Her name is Yoko Kazama and she runs the organization. Then a young woman appears. She is a woman with a neat and clean atmosphere, but she is expressionless.

Kazama's loud voice rang out, "Tonight at 9:00 pm, Shinjuku Japan Hotel 16th Floor, Room 4, do you remember?" Yes, she's a sleeping doll, she's booked.

Another woman will return. "I've just returned",
"Thank you for your hard work, Emi-chan, were you able to entertain me properly?",
"Yes, I was very pleased."

And then there are the three new dolls... From here, it becomes a flashback scene in which these three people are being manipulated.

Three new celebrities who are looking forward to gravure photography, Tajima, a famous photographer, is actually a sleeping doll practitioner. As he films the talent, he uses hypnotic suggestions on the women.

A woman who has turned into a sleeping doll follows Tajima's orders, takes off her clothes, holds down women who are not good at applying magic, and does as she is ordered.

The drama ends abruptly at the end of the reminiscence scene in which three new talents are turned into sleeping dolls.

It's a useless script, such as the lack of a clear timeline, but I think you can enjoy the expressionless woman in her sleeping doll state and the way she obediently obeys her orders.

In addition, this drama is the first work of a series, and there are 2 Strategy Manipulation, 3 Decompression Transformation and a sequel (as far as I see the trailer, I don't see it as I can't expect much).