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Chinese or Korean demon movie
« on: July 04, 2022, 01:47:45 am »
I started to watch this on a plane years ago.

The movie starts with two men checking into a inn and are greeted by the women hosts. All the women are demons and intend to kill the men when they ask for "services"

The one protagonist character is very innocent and polite and where is friend is looking forward to it and goes to a room with all the woman but one that goes with the protagonist.

The protagonist offers the demon woman ginger candy which she likes and then does not ask for any services. Much the the demons confusion.

The man discovers the his friend is dead shortly afterwards and the demon woman saves the protagonist and will not be killed by the other demons.

The main villian is also a female demon - cannot remember but I think the need x number of souls to acheive their goal so they are after the protagonist.  The meet up with a priest and the three set out to stop the main villian.

I remember there is this one moment where the protagonist tries to give the demon woman another piece of candy, really flurry in love, the the demon woman is annoyed that he is not taking the situation seriously / really understands how serious the situation is.

I think there was some magic controlling of the other demons by the main villian.

Hoping someone might be able to send me the name.