Author Topic: Searching for old “Sleeping Beauties” videos  (Read 1834 times)

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Searching for old “Sleeping Beauties” videos
« on: May 16, 2022, 07:00:19 am »
I don’t expect anyone to know where to find this but, hope springs eternal. In my misspent youth there was a website that catered to the sleepy/carrying fetish. It was called (if my memory is correct) Sleeping Beauties and the tagline was “for sleeping beauties and those who love to carry them”. It was run by someone named Allan and they had various knockouts and hypnosis in B movie type styles. One was called “Count Alucard Returns” and another “The Student Hypnotist”. Some models I remember were “Christina” and “Meshel”. The site it totally defunct now but if anyone has a line on how to find and possibly purchase any of those videos would be appreciated. Hopefully some of my foggy memories struck a cord. Thanks and have a good day.