Author Topic: Mind Control Videos involving attractive women and ugly/older men  (Read 3148 times)

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Hi All,

I've just joined these forums and delighted to see so much friendly conversation. I have a bit of a *cough*desire for a certain kind of hypnosis/mind control scenario - perhaps its cliched to you all, or perhaps its too niche/odd? I'm not sure really. Still exploring. But would be grateful for any suggestions.

I really really like scenes where women become attracted to men they would otherwise find repulsive. I guess the proto-typical example of such a scene would be Bottom/Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream, but basically I enjoy any kind of hypnosis/mind control scene where the woman becomes head of heels in love/lust for a man she would not only otherwise not find attractive, but actively find hideous/digusting/repulsive.

Any suggestions from the world of film/tv? English language preference, but subtitles will be allowed (I'm less into Hentai stuff, but certainly would be interested in that as well) - and can be mainstream/softcore/hardcore.

I prefer the repulsive figure to still be human, but a monster or two is ok too by me. Probably something orc/ogre like rather than anything too alienoid/insectoid.

To be honest, though, I'm just dipping my water into this forum, but I was so amazed as to the amount of activity of people answering discussion topics like this I thought this seemed as good a way as any of saying Hi.

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