Author Topic: Help with the name 60s eurospy movie or tv series  (Read 4155 times)

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Help with the name 60s eurospy movie or tv series
« on: January 19, 2021, 02:24:53 am »
Years ago I downloaded a hypnosis clip from the web, that didn't have a title name. I lost the file some computers ago but still remember the content.

It was a scene of a 60s (possibly 70s) eurospy flick. It was in color and in a language that was not English neaither any Romance Language I know (French, Spanish, Italian) It was possibly in German or in a language I couldn't identify (Turkish?) The actors were all caucasian.

The scene I am talking about is about a female spy hearing the plans of the evil people in other room. She was dressed as a secretary. With the bad guys there was an older lady that was a hypnotists who wore big thicks eyeglasses. The older lady hears that the female spy made a noise and go to check the other room. The female spy is found in stand up over a table or in a high place. The older lady talks to the female spy, and she does a eye-fixation induction with her thick eyeglasses.
The female spy is instructed to drive in a supermini car (Mini cooper or Fiat 600's style). She drives with the car in a tranced state and is found by a male person.

I think this clip was not from youtube (maybe earlier) Could be a movie or a tv series (like Man from UNCLE) and also it could be in English but dubbed in other language.