Author Topic: F/F video starring Ela Darling/Madame Zoey, holds hands of subject together  (Read 297 times)

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Kinda vague, but there's a small excerpt of a larger video that has been cropped and watermarked by somebody here. It's an F/F clip where the hypnotist makes reference to how she's going to hold her wrists/hands together, and the longer she does the more she'll want it to happen, and the more dedicated she will feel to the person doing it to her.

I've trawled through clips4sale and the sites of places I suspected it might be from (Kismet etc) and can't find reference to it.

The hypnotist in the video seems to be the performer Ela Darling, who through some digging I discovered also went under the name "Madame Zoey" for a while doing hypno stuff. Unfortunately, despite quite a lot of searching I can't find reference to whatever that video was called. In the video itself the only part of the title that isn't cropped is just the word "Hypnotized", which as you can imagine is not helpful in narrowing this search down.

Does anybody recognize that or does the prompt sound familiar? If so, what's the title, and is it still available anywhere for sale?

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I think I remember the clip you mean. Is it this one?