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Re: New Releases-August 31st 2019
« Reply #25 on: September 08, 2019, 03:13:42 pm »
The Request is a story I read based on someone's recommendation. Turns out they gave the wrong title, but I'm so glad for the mistake. This story was so creative and detailed. I'm not familiar with the larger universe this apparently takes place in, but has me curious about it. I do wish the "green" part had more, especially with the customer, but I still had fun reading.

I'm really glad the serendipity paid off for you! :D Thank you for reading, Shadra.

The Request
Oh, very good, some very neat twists in here I must say. Oh, and I loved the way it all played out too, especially events at the end. Makes  for a good read, thats for sure
High end of definitely enjoyed

Thank you so much Merry!

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Re: New Releases-August 31st 2019
« Reply #26 on: September 08, 2019, 05:13:20 pm »
S.B.'s Beneath the Blue is a charming little sea story on land, with two ladies who seem to have a strong effect on each other. Finding out what kind of effect was a fun little ride, seeming like a little misdirection at first, then delivering with a rather musical note of hypnotic fun. Really liked the treatment between them, and how it all ended up in the end.

"Charming little sea story on land", huh? I certainly like the sound of that. Glad you had fun with it.

Beneath the Blue

I must admit it, I didnt remember this, but yes, its fun, and if someone wants to be Chloe for me, be my guest! Mind, its a fine case of maybe you didnt expect things to end up as it does, Estefania! Or maybe she did want it to end that way. A very fun story, but I might be biased, maybe?
High end of definitely enjoyed

What the...?  ??? I was convinced I had replied to this one already and as it turns out, I didn't. Sorry. Not surprised you don't remember as the first take on it was from my early days around here so... Pleased you enjoyed it and once again, my apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

Beneath the Blue had a twist that I feel I should have figured out. Hindsight bias at its finest, I suppose. Clever little tale.

Thank you. The synopsis is certainly a hint for the story twist though I'm not sure the ending itself is what people expected.
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