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Title: Help finding an old sci-fi comedy parody sketch?
Post by: ninjayesh on July 21, 2021, 03:54:50 pm
Trying one more time to find this, since I haven't tried posting this in the "Searching for a Video":

This is a reach, it's possible this video is lost to time, as I last saw it back in the early 2010s and it wasn't on YouTube. But if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please help me find it!

So doing my best to recall: it was from, I believe, a sci-fi parody show. Had a very crude CollegeHumor tone and style (all the cast looks mid-20s). It wasn't on YouTube, I think it was on their own webpage or something. The main character, a guy, gets beamed or teleported onto a spacecraft. He's approached by a hot woman who acts very stiff and monotone. She's wearing a buttoned shirt, but some of the buttons are undone to expose her cleavage, and as the guy stares he gets hypnotized (I think there's even some VFX like red spirals around her boobs or something like that). She leads him over to the villain as he's entranced.

I don't really remember any of the other content, but fast forward to the end, the main character teleports off the ship again, and the woman who hypnotized him looks around confused, then looks down at her shirt and, with a look of shock and embarrassment, quickly covers up - revealing that she was also under hypnosis throughout the episode.

I think I originally saw it posted on the HypnoGoneWild subreddit way back in the day, I tried to search for the post again but couldn't find it.

Don't suppose anyone knows what I'm referring to?