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In the past, it has not been the policy of the Administration team of the MCForum to publicly post notices every time someone gets suspended or banned.  Well, banishments in particular have been announced, sort-of, but that’s mainly because it’s clear that when somebody is gone forever, we should let folks know, although to get banned usually requires some effort to that effect that leaves few, if any, in question as to why Mr. X doesn’t post anymore.

Suspensions, on the other hand, were generally the kinds of things we tried to handle quietly, since someone going away for two weeks and then coming back didn’t require, in our opinion, a public announcement.  The person who was suspended was free to tell whoever they wanted.

However, we’ve recently had to take action against three repeat offenders of Rule #7, and have found that because of our silence, some of them have taken it upon themselves to misrepresent why such actions were taken against them, and they’ve made these accusations public.  Therefore, we’ve had to modify our policy on not announcing suspensions.

We will, from now on, maintain a list on this board of those who are currently suspended or banned.  We’d hoped it would not come to this, but here we are.  In the next post, you will find a list of anyone who is currently, permanently banned.  In the one following that, there is a list of anyone who is currently suspended, and for how long.  We’ll give a short reason as to why.  Nobody but Admins can add to this thread, and this is by design: we will not allow public discussion of banishments or suspensions.  If you have specific questions, PM an Admin.

Note that the suspended members are still members of this forum.  While they’re being suspended for breaking rules, they’re not open to baiting, flaming, or any other abuse for any reason.  This is not a “shit list” full of members you are now allowed to ridicule, knowing that they can’t fight back.  Anyone caught doing so will soon find their names next to the ones already on the list.  This is just information so that everybody knows what’s going on, and why it's going on.

Name                Date banned      Reason for BanishmentOM and his aliasesFebruary 11, 2008Stalker-type PMs, continued attempts at piracy of copyrighted works after warnings, attempting to re-register with an alternate ID.
*:  the banishment took place long before the policy to announce such banishments.

Name                Date banned      Reason for BanishmentMaster MillerMay 8, 2008Master Miller has a history of lying to malign an admin, sending abusive and/or threatening PMs, and  breaking board rules. Upon being given the conditions for his continued participation here, he preferred to be banned.

Name         Date banned      Reason for BanishmentMrHymieAugust 17,2008Insulting an admin in public and in PMs after a disagreement over a moved post.

Name         Date banned      Reason for BanishmentRachel BronwynOctober 12, 2008Continued personal attacks against members.

Unfortunately I have no hope or reason to believe Rachel will ever chose to follow the few rules of the board. Rather than suspending, "Rinse and Repeat," I believe the time has now come to say goodbye since Rachel does much more harm than good.



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