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Help with this Chinese movie
« on: June 07, 2021, 11:35:47 pm »
Or this is only a short film and there is no more? :(

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Re: Help with this Chinese movie
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2021, 11:41:52 am »
Google (including Google Translate) of the title and caption gives two clues:

  1) plot summary  (心理医生爱上女患者,为得到她使用催眠术,结果酿成惨剧!犯罪片 = "The psychiatrist fell in love with the female patient and used hypnotism to get her, and it turned out to be a tragedy! Crime movie" )

[SIDENOTE:  Why can't any of these grievious violations of both consent and psychiatric professional ethics ever lead to some happily-ever-after ending?  What happened to fairy tale romance... you know, beautiful princesses turned into Sleeping Beauties by either witchy hypnosis or poisoned apples, consent-violating-kisses* from their charming princely rescuers, and then general happily-ever-after... at least until the Sondheim musical retconning?!  ::) ]

[*SIDENOTE #2:  If you knew you were dealing with witchcraft that is negated by "true love's kiss", then isn't said kiss more like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, a medical procedure, and not just kissing some random unconscious maiden?   Granted, this scenario doesn't apply in our world, but I'm sure it's one of those standard, edgy law school hypotheticals in fairy-tale worlds. ;) ]

  2) what's maybe the actress's name (何欢 = He Huan, *not* to be confused with the male comic actor who is also named 何欢 = He Huan )

It also gives a description of the Youtube channel that I think is missing the actual meaning of a particular Chinese figure of speech

深度解读科幻悬疑犯罪电影,一个喜欢讲故事的小童鞋 = "In-depth interpretation of science fiction suspense crime movies, a child's shoe who likes to tell stories"
There's one more piece of info.  On my Windows 10 machine, when I change the volume, a window pops up with a caption for the piece of media that's playing.   And this volume window caption shows something in Chinese that I can't cut and paste, but then English that says "Supreme Soul Detective".

Now, this actress He Huan does have a movie from 2018 that has a similar title 极品魂探 = "The Need for Soul Detective", but I don't think that's the movie judging from its plot summary... at least according to this webpage about it: (English from Google Translate)

 Inspector Chi found a corpse with a very strange cause of death, with five different fatal injuries on the body. After investigation, the deceased Zhao Bingcheng once had dinner with five friends. During the dinner, Zhao once chatted with others about a topic: If you were to kill me, what would you do? Everyone just treated it as a joke. Unexpectedly, a few days later, Zhao’s body was found at home, and the killing methods that everyone had mentioned were fulfilled on the corpse one by one. Everyone has become a suspect. In the process of detection, Inspector Chi sheds layers on the unclear relationship between everyone and the deceased, and concludes that as long as it is found out which method of murder Zhao died first, then the true face of the murderer will be Will be uncovered.

Alas, Googling "Supreme Soul Detective" and "movie" doesn't bring up anything.   

Anybody know how to cut and paste the caption that appears in Windows 10 volume box captions (since that presumably has the title in Chinese characters)? 

Anybody know if 2018's "The Need for Soul Detective" had a sequel... since, again, my quick Googling of "Supreme Soul Detective" and "movie" found nothing.  Didn't find anything either by Googling "The Need for Soul Detective" and "sequel" either in English or Chinese (BTW, Google Translate claims 续集 = "sequel")

That's the most I can help from not knowing Chinese and just following lots of links based on Google and Google Translate.   

Anybody's memory jogged by this?
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Re: Help with this Chinese movie
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2021, 04:11:16 pm »
From what I can find out, this is the first movie of a collection / series. The collection name is 奇妙世纪 (literally, Miraculous Century). The work in question is titled 记忆消除法 (literally, Memory Removal Method).

Baidu entry in the collection:

There’s a discussion on the movie here that you can use Google Translate to get some insight into the plot:

According to the Baidu entry, actress name is 南笙 (Nan Sheng, or Sheng Nan depending on whether you put surname in front in accordance to Chinese names (former) or after in accordance to West European convention (latter)). Definitely a looker, regardless.  ^-^
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