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[ADDENDUM 2021-01-10: Solved!  Source video is .   See reply #3, also be me, for more]

Howdy y'all and best wishes for a happy, healthy 2021 to y'all.

So, I was cleaning out my attic the other day and found a CD-RW in a case that was labelled 2002.  It had the following 2 clips, and alas --- though perhaps to be expected given their age --- they're both short, soundless, and hilariously low-res (one's 18 secs and 192 x 144, the other's 10 secs and 320 x 240).  Nevertheless, they're pretty awesome in my humble opinion (and certainly are sentimentally important to me / were hypnokink formational in my own personal history).

Now, I'm pretty darn sure sometime in the last 5ish years I myself eventually found the whole source video appeared on YouTube, where it was a 5-10ish minute Spanish language TV clip with some stage hypnotist advertising his show later that night by hypnotizing 2 comely female co-hosts (while their male co-host hammed it up for the camera and leered in a way that was probably widely considered ok for 2002, but is more -- ahem! -- problematic now.)

Unfortunately, I can't find where I saved it, and I can't find it again on YouTube (despite spending a good 15ish minutes searching).

On that note of searching on YouTube, I'm pretty sure I know the name of the hypnotist.  Despite the fact that no dangerous-and-hackey-looking neck-snap-style instant inductions were used, I'm pretty sure the hypnotist here is John Milton.  [If you're wondering what I mean by "dangerous-and-hackey-looking neck-snap-style instant induction" see this high-res YouTube with a different señorita guapa.  Jeez, the stage hypnotists get older, but the hypnotees stay the same age. ::)]

In perhaps less useful information --- but worthy of inclusion for old-timers in internet hypnokink --- I'm pretty darn sure I got these 2 clips as teasers for the long-running, but alas long-defunct, back in those ancient turn-of-the-21st-Century days where he compiled Spanish-language hypno clips on VHS tapes that you could buy mail-order.  (I swear I'm not that old, but typing that sentence made me feel like I was buddies with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble back in the Stone Age... as does, now that I think about, making a Flintstones reference.  ::) )

So, without further ado, here are the clips:

Direct link to the clip that's the final part of the induction to 2 lovely ladies:

(accompanying tumblr link:  should you, like those Playboy subscribers in olden days, care to read the articles and not just look at the pictures... eeep, first a Flintstones reference and now a reference to Playboy's golden era, highbrow-article heydey... I am so dating myself... though please note I'm not so old that I was alive during the Flintstones initial TV broadcast run or the Golden Age of Playboy)

Direct link to reinduction of the lovely lady in the blue dress:

(accompanying tumblr link: )

Again, I wish you and yours a happy, healthy 2021!
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I'm sure I've seen that excited man in the yellow shirt somewhere before...I really can't recall, however. Perhaps on the Hypnotizedgirlsfan tumblr at some point, before it cleared off much of its old content? That's really just a guesstimate, though.

The girl in the blue dress has a wonderful tranced expression (*ahem* amongst other things...), so I would indeed enjoy seeing more.

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I have seen the whole thing recently, I think on spankbang. I to got it back in the glory days of hypnovideo's compilations, and it was a hot one for the times. Check back over the next week or so, I'll see if I can find it. I dont know if I bothered to download it? Maybe?

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With thanks to @theeye368 (who maintains the "Sensitive Content" flagged tumblr --- thus requiring tumblr login -- tumblr at and intrinsically NSFW bdsmlr --- requiring bdsmlr login ---, I can report that the animated GIFs come from this YouTube:

"Patricia Bosse y Nyzeth Hipnotizadas - Gafas mágicas, Thalia y catalepsia" [see endnotes]
(Patrica Bosse and Nyzeth Hypnotized - Magic Glasses, Thalia, and Catalepsy)

which, by the way, is on the Youtube account of @acllcab -- -- who over the course of roughly 2007-2020 has posted about 45 classic Spanish-language hypno clips... heck, are you a member here @acllcab (though seemingly that'd have to be under a different username if I'm using the Forum's search feature correctly)


1) John Milton is indeed the hypnotist.  The caption for the YouTube mentions "el programa "Control" por John Milton" (i.e., "the [presumably television] program "Control" by John Milton").   Does anyone know anything about such a late 90's or early 00's TV program of his?  I ask since I can't find anything quickly Googling.

2) Patricia Bosse is the first lady to be induced (i.e., the one in what looks to be some Army camouflage-like pattern t-shirt and the who does the hypno-catalepsy trick)

3) Nyzeth is the second lady to be induced (i.e., the one in the blue dress), and is the one given the suggestion to think she's Thalia, which brings me to the next item.

4) Thalía is this Mexican pop star  (again, the video's from the late 1990s or something, in case you're wondering because of actually being up on Mexican pop music of the 90's or just after clicking the Wikipedia link why John Milton would hypnotize a 20-something lady into believing she's a pop star who's about to turn 50... on that note Thalía, if by some strange coincidence you're reading this... Happy 7ish-Months-Early 50th Birthday!!  May 2021 get better for you and your loved ones, and heck, the whole freakin' world ;) ).