Author Topic: Christening the forum: girl hypnoed to feel pleasure from touch (and to bark!)  (Read 3698 times)

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Hi all,

So around the internet a while ago (a year or two) was a video filmed in what looks like a dorm room, featuring a girl and a hypnotist with another girl in the background (you could only hear her laughing). The girl had been hypnotized to feel pleasure from the hypnotist's touch. The second part of the video showed her barking like a dog when she was touched.

The standout for me was that the girl was apparently embarrassed by both and tried to fight off the hypnotist's touch, and also that she was very attractive.

I'm pretty sure the video was available on Spankbang under the title 'hypnotized to public orgasms and dog bark' but it's no longer there. If it's been removed for privacy reasons then fair enough, but if it is out there somewhere legitimately I'd like to see it again!

Thanks in advance, and thanks for the new forum!
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I have this one, and have tried to load it back onto spankbang, but it just doesn't take. I'll keep trying, and if it doesn't work I could put it onto you tube. Stick around  it should happen.