Author Topic: New Releases - Saturday, January 12, 2019  (Read 26481 times)

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Re: New Releases - Saturday, January 12, 2019
« Reply #50 on: January 20, 2019, 06:38:36 pm »
Thanks to everyone who liked Gabby the Gray. My style isn't like a lot of people's, so when I write these things it sometimes feels like I'm writing for myself and no one else. I love to get feedback proving that isn't the case.

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Re: New Releases - Saturday, January 12, 2019
« Reply #51 on: January 22, 2019, 05:26:22 pm »
Alterations: Bryan’s Dance (mc mf) (new)  by Scalar Seventh
Bryan reluctantly takes a friend to a very peculiar quasi-legal club.

The first solo story from this author, and sharing the same universe as last week's collaborative Alterations: Kathryn's Confidence. I liked the characters, setting and premise, and would be interested in a direct continuation/sequel as well as others in the setting.

Thanks so much, grey_shadow. I expect that Bryan and Emma have more to say, anyway, so I'll probably come back to 'em eventually. :)

Alterations: Bryan’s Dance

Havent been to a club in over a decade, but I could easily be tempted into this one. Who me, of course I'd wear a headset! Story is delightfully done, lots of sweetness, some great mind control scenes too. I just wondered if there was a silver light on that menu? :angel:
High end of definitely enjoyed

Thanks, Merry Brooks. The menu rotates often enough; I'm sure Translations would welcome your input on what a silver headset ought to do...

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Re: New Releases - Saturday, January 12, 2019
« Reply #52 on: January 23, 2019, 07:04:03 am »
I think the movements, and mindset would be distinctly robotic, lol
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