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Hi there. I'm Joe, your unfriendly curmudgeonly Admin. How's it going? Wait: don't answer that; this isn't a two-way conversation.

Thanks to the frustrations of a few of our members, we have figured out that Hotmail is zapping all of our emails in order to prevent Hotmail users from becoming infected with computer macro virus Trojan horse rootkit worms.

By "our emails," I am speaking of any email sent by the SMF software: personal message and other alerts, password reset links, account activation links, etc. Because the From address (which is my email address) doesn't match the rest of the header, the email looks fishy, and while providers like Gmail are content to dump the email in the Trash or Junk or Spam folders, Hotmail goes that extra mile. For you.

So... for people who want to join but are on Hotmail: until we get this fixed, which we are trying to do, you might want to sign up using a Gmail account. Current members who have Hotmail: we figured out why you haven't been getting emails, and we're working on it, but again, if you really need emails, switch to a provider who isn't Hotmail.

Thanks, folks.

Merry Brooks:
Joe, just a heads up fyi. Tonight, when I got home, a whole pile of personal messages from here in my Hotmail email box, going back some period in time, but all timed as sent at 10.40 BST this morning. Might be worth checking issue out again?

I believe that's a symptom of us fixing the problem.

I hadn't noticed, but a few weeks ago, I stopped getting the notifications... and today, I got a bunch, too. Neat.

Eeeeew hotmail is, like, so 1995.

Merry Brooks:

--- Quote from: Geo on March 28, 2017, 09:59:11 am ---Eeeeew hotmail is, like, so 1995.

--- End quote ---

Or in my case, like 2001, which is how long I've had said account


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