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MC Forum History
« on: September 21, 2006, 07:15:56 pm »
The MC Forum was founded by JR Parz back in the spring of 1999.  This is the third home.

There were several forums at the end of the 1990s, or at least several efforts to start forums. Between July 1998 and February 1999 I know of four attempts to set up mc-related message boards that never took off.  One early forum lasted over a year - the Hypnosis & Mind Control Fantasy Message Board had postings from Sinner, and I think from Kitasha and a few other familiar names, but it never had much traffic and finally faded out around the fall of 2000.

JR Parz started his website around mid-summer 1998 (the first mention of it is in a newsgroup message from August 5). Sometime later that year he attempted to get a forum going, but it folded after a couple months. He tried again in 1999, and this time it took hold.  The original name of the forum was The Mind Control Erotica Discussion Board, which is first mentioned on Usenet on June 17, 1999.) There was a mc crisis underway at the time - the EMCSA shut down during the late spring and summer, due to ISP problems. The newly created forum played a big role in keeping the mc community together during those months.

JR Parz moved the forum to Hotboards in the fall of 1999 and the forum remained there for over four years.  JR Parz was the sole Moderator until he recruited the services of former administrators, Kitasha, who assisted JR from 2000 through 2004 and Vance, who provided administrator duties from late 2002 to 2004.  Hotboards didn't archive messages, so almost all the posts from those years are lost.  By early 2004, someone was hacking the Hotboards site and JR Parz felt a move was inevitable.

Then thanks to Chase the Wind and Ruger, who proposed a new and much improved forum, on 16 February 2004, the MC Forum officially moved to this new home.  Chase and Ruger joined JR Parz as Admins, with Chase providing the technical expertise.

In February 2006, Chase and Ruger presented the idea of moderators.  In April 2006, Ruger stepped down and left the community and in June 2006, Michelle(LovesTo) replaced Ruger and became part of the Admin team.

In June 2007, JR Parz retired from his administrator position, and replacing him was bobwhite (Joe), who became the 7th Administrator of the MC Forum.

In November 2009, Michelle stepped down from the administrator position.
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