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Important Announcement regarding Advertising on the MCForum


The rise of services like KDP and Patreon have been great for the community; they've allowed people for whom writing erotic fiction was just a hobby to turn it into, at least, a paying hobby. As these services have become more popular, and more authors are starting to self-publish (and thus self-market), it's time to expand and clarify our rules about what kind of solicitation goes where.

First, it's always fine to link to your self-published titles, website, or Patreon account from your signature line, so long as it is not overwhelming your posts (the administration here reserves the right to ask that overwhelming or garish signatures be edited, shrunk, or removed, just as we've always done with avatars).

On Advertising in the Forum...

With the exception noted below, we ask that you do not directly solicit donations or market in the body of posts. This includes links to your website or Patreon account, requests for donations, or other solicitations to selling sites.

This doesn't apply to the Products and Services Board.

It's fine to market to your heart's content on the Products and Services board, subject to the rules there. Keep it within reason, though, as our users are just as subject to feeling annoyed by spam as anyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask (in the Feedback thread, that is). Unless that question is "Is this because of ____'s post that one time?", because don't.


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