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Welcome to the MCForum, version 2.0.4!


Welcome to the New MCForum!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably noticed a few things that seem to have changed. You have not been mind-controlled. Do not adjust your screens. It’s the MCF... and it’s new.

First, for the obvious change: we’ve upgraded to version 2.0.4, which is the most current version of SMF. We went in this direction because I was able to convince Chase that this was a good idea... and so far, so... uhm, good? We’ve had some issues with permissions on spoilers and profiles, and those issues were related to me allowing the default settings to go unchecked because I hadn’t anticipated some of the more ridiculous settings, but other than that, we’re humming right along.

We did what we did because our old host was really getting inconsistent, and because the old MCF was a patched-together monster that had been around ever since before SMF even existed. It had been upgraded, patched, modified, unmodified, re-modified, upgraded, upgraded again, fixed, and beaten around with a pointed stick so much that there were things we couldn’t do because we didn’t know where to find the problems that we were aware of but had little hope of fixing. So, with some database work and a little coaxing, we have started anew with a fresh install that gets rid of the gremlins while allowing us to install some nifty mods, if we so choose.

And thus... the MCForum, Version 2.0.4.

We want your feedback. We have one thread for problems and questions, and we will have another for non-problem-related suggestions. Please let us know what we can do to help, and what you’d like to see going forward.

And one more time, give it up for Daphne. Without her, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Thanks for your patience during the upgrade process—it took longer than we expected, but it’s working now. Please, enjoy!

Click here to report problems or questions related to the functionality of the new MCF.

Click here to provide general feedback, make suggestions, etc.

Chase the Wind:
In my defense, I didn't take much coaxing, particularly since I'm a techno-geek that likes everything gadget-wise I can afford, and as long as it doesn't have an Apple logo on it. :D

So, we upgraded the forum AND changed hosts.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy -

BB Zed:
One of the things which may not have transferred over correctly is your time zone; mine didn't.

To correct this, go to your Profile. From there, go to Account Settings, then Look and Layout.

Next to Time Offset, click on Auto-Detect (or type it in manually).

Then hit Change Profile to save the setting, and you should be good. 8-)

I'm locking this thread, since it's really just meant to be an announcement. But, I still want to hear from everybody, so...

To provide feedback on the new setup, please go to the feedback thread.

To report a possible bug or other problem, go to the Report-A-Problem thread.


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