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On the banishment of Eros...


It’s possible that some of you may have noticed that Eros is banned.

We take Rule 10 (which you can read here) very seriously. We have a less-than-zero tolerance policy when it comes to enforcing it. Not only are you not to break it, you’re not to get anywhere close to breaking it. Until today, that has never been a problem. Today, it was.

The person who was banned, Eros, appears to be the same person who was recently banned at the other forum, albeit with a new user name. We saw a few red flags with some of his early posts and in his signature, but the playful skirting around Rule 10 he was testing the waters with isn’t something we tolerate. We’ve been monitoring his activities, and he’s gone. Our policy on this issue may be draconian, but we’re OK with that.

It would be unwise to ask any follow-up questions about this. Just read Rule 10.

Learn it.

Know it.

Live it.


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