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New Look and Feel!


Chase the Wind:
I hope everyone likes the new look of the forum. We wanted to get to a more generic template, so that we can more easily integrate current and new features offered by Simple Machines Forum, as well as clean up the chat system, and generally unify our look.

When it comes time to update for security, or put a new feature in the forum, like video embedding, it's going to be a lot easier to handle. Plus, we hope the shoutbox and the updated status of the chat will allow more people to get involved with chat. We REALLY like the new chat system!

A few points:

If you don't like the shoutbox, there's a little minimize icon in the top left corner. Click that and it won't bother you.

Chat has sounds! Neat!

Chat is in Flash. Sorry, iPhone users. I blame Steve Jobs.

The chat icon actually updates with the number of users in chat. Neat, eh?

There is also an update at the bottom of the forum display page where it tells you who is in chat, and there's one under the top of your profile information as well.

Again, we put a LOT of testing and work into bring the forum up to date and delivering some new features.

Joe and I hope you enjoy them!


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