Author Topic: Our Policy on Requests for Therapy, and Sharing Real-Life Abuse  (Read 33652 times)

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Although the focus of this forum is fantasy and literary "mind-control," we do sometimes discuss real-life recreational hypnosis. However, this is not a place to find hypnotists for therapeutic purposes, or to come for treatment of real-life emotional or mental conditions. As we do not take any steps to verify or screen any claims members make about themselves, do not use this forum as a resource to find professional medical or psychiatric help of any kind.

If you have a real-life medical or psychiatric condition, please seek out treatment through channels where you can determine the credentials and record of the treatment provider. Please also read Michelle's note on Our Policy on Meeting Hypnotists and Finding Subjects.

Real-life untreated abuse of any kind should be taken to the proper authorities, rather than brought here. * Twitter: mctheatre * Mastodon: * For all MCT/DF/MCC customer service