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2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 28th, 2019
« Last post by walter_kovacs on December 28, 2019, 05:01:43 pm »
The ultimate troll would have been "There will not be an update next week. The next update will be the weekend of January 11th"...

I scanned the update for that first thing  :grin:

Next week will be a big one I feel...
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 28th, 2019
« Last post by CerebusOne on December 28, 2019, 04:57:05 pm »
Because of circumstances lately that is taking pretty much all my time I was not able to comment on last weeks offerings. Things are not much better for me this week but I will give a few short comments on some stories I was able to read.

Cape City Chronicles continues with a great plot and hot as hell MC. I really love the time and effort Jennifer Kohl has put into all facets of this story. You can sense it when you read it. Great plot, interesting characters, twists and turns, it has it all going on. I really his a terrific piece of exciting literature an MC.

321's Christmas Eveis a return to our old heroes from Amnesic. Who says heroes can't have their kinky games? James and Kate sure do. Still can't get over their kid being named Alice, Lol. Nice to revisit them in kinder circumstances. A very nice, warmhearted follow up to their original story.

Drone Mestasis continues its multi-thread dark plot and I love it as the the family is assaulted on all fronts by the hive. The MC in this story is top notch. So is the plot. Great stuff and fun as hell.

The Intership is just a classic MC story. I love how Scribbler also has brought in Nichole's family into the insidious plans of the controllers. It really opened the story up past the lone girl at work gets controlled trope. But then Scribbler is such a great story teller it does not surprise me. I love this wicked story.

Last but certainly not least is The Hands That Lead's Role of a lifetime. As I have said before, always been a sucker for the young girl goes to college, work, whatever know what happens. If the story is done right.

Hands does it right as poor Rebecca goes to Hollywood to become a star. The story is very well conceived and the MC hot. What else can one ask for? Very good.

That's all I have time for. I apologize to the other writers who put in their hard time and effort, I wish I could read and comment but I currently just have almost no time at all to do this.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 28th, 2019
« Last post by Pan on December 28, 2019, 04:55:31 pm »
I submitted the first two chapters of The Twisted Love Potion, but accidentally included the wrong files, so they didn't get included in this week's update. I hope this doesn't cause a time paradox. :(
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 28th, 2019
« Last post by fascinated on December 28, 2019, 02:21:14 pm »
Christmas Eve was just terrific. Really cute, really hot, every thing you want a short story to be.

Although Kate's trancey alter-ego should have been named Eve. The joke's right there! :)
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 14th 2019
« Last post by MetaBob on December 28, 2019, 01:42:50 pm »
Some quick Day-Old Thoughts on Flightback:

I'll echo others saying that the prose and trance are well-done. Warmth and relaxation, unsurprisingly, suffuse the reading experience.

Thanks for that. Nice word, "suffuse", too. I'll add it to the list I'll try and fit into some later thing.

I found my suspension of disbelief rather strained, though. :P What are the odds of an EMCSA writer meeting an EMCSA reader by chance in the wild? And that reader being a fawning fan of that writer specifically? And of that fan being a hypnotist? And of that hypnotist having a profoundly ethical philosophy, which I suspect mirrors the author's own exactly? And that author falling into a deep trance quickly on his first try with little or no previous trance experience? I'm no mathematician, but I think the Venn diagram there is pretty small. :grin:

But then again, I like stories about magic spells, psychic powers, superheroes, and aliens too. Maybe I shouldn't poke too much fun at a premise that's trying to be a bit more grounded. I'm finding the grounded ones more and more appealing the more mature I get. Besides, if people didn't submit their blatant self-insert gratification fantasies here, the archive would be empty. ;)

Yeh, in an archive filled with stories where the MC comes via a quicky flash of light or magic or technology or drugs or costumed superhero superpowers, the idea of a "realistic" induction seems a little stretchy sometimes. I guess.  ^-^

Fwiw, much of what I described in chapter 1 happened to me in real life earlier this year, and I can easily imagine that the flight attendant in question, who really did have one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen and really did move me exactly as described, was a reader of exactly this sort of thing. They live a difficult existence, away from home sometimes for days at a time, which can make it difficult to fit in a personal life, and are often treated shabbily, indeed like, as Paul Westerberg so colorfully (and disdainfully, and unpleasantly) put it, a "Waitress In The Sky". Yet we all have needs, and desires, and hopes for something better, and find it where and when and how we can. And as I know from talking to my psychotherapist friends, and from my partner who majored in psychology, hypnosis is a thing, and like other things in college, it gets explored, sometimes rather expertly, even by amateurs.

For me, the "how" of the MC state is an entirely different issue than what happens before, during, or after. I shy away from the easy way in favor of something that is often ... sexier, at least for me, sometimes in combination with other methods, as in some of my other writing. Others feel differently, I know.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 21st 2019
« Last post by 321 on December 28, 2019, 12:39:56 pm »
I almost feel bad for not having made my reviews public over the last few chapters of Hostel. While I think 321 knows how much I'm enjoying this story -- and his others -- it's definitely worth saying that it's a story I'd recommend everyone checks out. Things seem to be coming to a head with this latest chapter, with hints of some tense yet hot action to come soon. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the story feels like it might be approaching the end. Either way, I'm sure it will continue to be wonderful.

Wonderful scenes in this week’s installment of “Hostel” of hypnotized women hypnotizing other hypnotized women.  Also, more of Rebecca’s back story showing how conflicted she is as a heroine.  Her attempts to use hypnosis to clean up messes caused by hypnosis reminds me of the Butterfly Effect.

Thanks, Shadra and fumanchu! Still a few more chapters to go, I think! Taking a slight break to work on holiday things and to preserve the space-time continuum (aka the January 4th, 2020 update), but I'll be back with more Hostel after that!
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 14th 2019
« Last post by Midori Konton on December 28, 2019, 12:36:11 pm »

Thank you kindly! And yeah, this was mostly a setting-up-the-pieces chapter... *evil grin*

But what fun pieces to put on the board.

I know I've been enjoying playing with them. ;)

Also, re: meeting EMCSA authors in the wild: I met an EMCSA reader in the wild once! She became an author a few months later (AskJeeves). Also we've been dating pretty much ever since that meeting, and she has me pretty thoroughly brainwashed at this point. So it's happened at least once.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 28th, 2019
« Last post by scifiscribbler on December 28, 2019, 12:32:22 pm »

There was no "Christmas Eve," either. It's always nice when you don't have to think of a backup title for a story.

Advent Calendar is fantastic. I think I was as eager to see those windows opened as Evelyn!

Thank you - I wrote most of this story in late October, and it was a really nice way to prepare for the holiday season.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 28th, 2019
« Last post by Midori Konton on December 28, 2019, 12:24:26 pm »
Cape City Chronicles delivers another solid chapter. Did I mention how much I love the comic book chapter titles? Because I love them. I also loved this line:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Thank you! I'm enjoying them too. Gotta have those exclamation points!

Hee, I'm glad you liked that line! I like to stick a little humor in here and there, especially when my other ongoing project is something darker like Incubus.
2019 Update Archive / Re: New Releases - December 28th, 2019
« Last post by Midori Konton on December 28, 2019, 12:21:19 pm »
Cape City Chronicles: Today the City, Tomorrow... (mc mf ff md fd ma cb) (1 new chapter)  by Jennifer Kohl
Years ago, a supervillain enslaved and then wiped out every male hero in Cape City. Now she’s escaped prison, and unpowered cop Alessandra Alvarez might be the only one who can stop her. But this time, neither of them will be working alone...

This is just getting better.

I'm reminded of that old-school approach to superhero comics where there are always some short-term, mid-term and long-term plots popping up in a given series, with plenty of continuity-heavy crossing over.

Thank you!

And yeah, I'm doing that deliberately. My view has always been that a superhero comic is basically just a soap opera with fighting instead of fucking. But it's got that same structure--a melodrama where at any given time you've got at least three plots, one of which is just starting, one of which is hitting its climax, and one of which is somewhere in the middle.

I'm just adding the fucking back in. ;)
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