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Title: MCForum General Information & Rules
Post by: Bobwhite on June 28, 2010, 12:44:46 pm
MCForum General Information:

MCForum Rules:

1)  The MCForum is for people over the age of 18, or whatever the age is in your jurisdiction that would allow you to view or purchase pornographic material.  If you are a Guest, and you’re not 18, leave—do not register.  If you are a registered member and we find out you’re not 18, we will delete your account.  Do not set your birthday to make yourself appear under 18; doing so will get your account suspended.

2)  In order to participate in the discussion you must register and become an MCForum member. Registration is free, but does require you to give us a working email address (if for no other reason than to allow you to respond to the activation message).

3)  One member per account, and one account per member.  Members are not allowed sock-puppet accounts (i.e., members may not start another account under a different user name), nor does the MCForum tolerate the creation of one account to which several people have access.

4)  Flaming and trolling is not acceptable, neither in posts nor in personal messages, and will be dealt with accordingly.  If you see such behavior, do not participate; instead, report it by clicking the appropriate button.  (Yes, you can report abuse if it's restricted to PMs.)  In addition to obvious cases of flaming or trolling, behavior that is disrespectful in the extreme is prohibited; this includes but is not limited to things like name-calling, hurling insults, etc.

5)  Spammers and trolls are not welcome.  Spamming and trolling will result in the locking and/or deletion of the offending material and may include the removal of the offending member account, at the MCForum Administration’s discretion.

6)  Politics and religion are not allowed topics for discussion. Yes, there was a time when this was not the case, and a board for the discussion of such topics was active at one time.  This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

7)  Do not start threads in the Controversial Corner.  If you’re thinking of starting a thread that you are pretty sure will get people fired up and angry, then think twice about starting it at all.  If discussion does get too heated and is deemed to be too controversial, then the thread will be relocated to that specific board.

8)  Respect copyright laws.  Do not in any way use the MCForum as a venue on which to distribute pirated copyrighted material, or to assist in the distribution of pirated copyrighted material. This rule applies both to posts in the MCForum and to personal messages.

9)  Avatars are allowed, with restrictions.  We are OK with just about anything, but avatars 1) must be small in size, in terms of both file size and image size, 2) if animated, must not be animated in an overly distracting or annoying way, 3) must not feature nudity—nipples, genitals, etc.; and 4) must not be political, grotesque, in bad taste, or anything else that causes reasonable complaints. When in doubt, ask, and we’ll decide on a case-by-case basis if your avatar is acceptable.  We will ask you to remove any avatars that are found to be in violation of this rule.  (We may remove them ourselves, as well.)

10)  We will not allow for any discussion regarding under age sex, regardless how innocent.  Any thread started will be deleted immediately, and individual posts of this nature in otherwise non-offending threads will be deleted.  If it involves sexual situations and minors, it’s going to be gone as soon as we notice it.

11)  This forum will not host any awards system, or the discussion thereof.  We do not officially endorse or recognize any awards for MC erotic fiction, save for our own monthly contests and exhibitions.  Any discussions or debates concerning other off-forum MC awards are not allowed. Several members of the forum have elected to promote their own awards system, and a locked thread will be posted announcing its start every year and its completion.  Administrators will be the approving authority of the wording of said announcements.

12)  Lastly, play nice.  Fail to do so, and we will take action.  The The MCForum Administration Team concedes that no list of rules can ever cover every conceivable situation, and in that spirit, we reserve the right to take action as deemed necessary when it becomes clear that there is behavior that requires action on our part, even if one of the above rules hasn’t technically been broken.  This means you can’t expect to play the “You can’t point to the rule I broke, so you can’t do anything about my behavior!” card.  Some forums try to explicitly list out every thing that you can’t do, and those forums invariably have people who abuse that system by finding loopholes or gaps in the rules and using them to abuse other forum members without fear of reprisal—at least, until the rules are changed and/or amended.  That kind of tomfoolery doesn’t fly here.

Title: Re: MCForum General Information & Rules
Post by: Bobwhite on June 19, 2014, 07:40:20 pm
All new members are encouraged to read the above rules.